–A new paradigm?
–I think not.

–Let’s give it a go again.

“Parallel” is a work that I performed at Blandband – a festival arranged by galleri Syster in Luleå. I had erected a tent in front of a projection where the video below, was shown.
After some lingering first seconds I paused the video, told the audience – that this was the first part of the performance, and that the second would come later. Then I asked for a volunteer.
The volunteer and I entered the tent and the video resumed. At the end of the video, we came out of the tent and I inteviewed the person briefly about what happened inside, how it felt to be there a.s.o. I then thanked the person who returned to the crowd. Next, I told the audience that they would receive the second part (which was the text “Written By” printed on paper).. Handing out the copies I waited until they had all been spread out in-between guests in the room until I ended the performance.

Make sure you have decent sound when watching the video below! Crank up the volume.

* * * * * *