The Script

Since the autumn of 2008 I’ve been working on a huge project, planned for a specific venue – a directed party which includes preset characters, video, music, dance routines and of course an audience which make the whole thing come alive.

Below are some excerpts from the script, which is based on extensive research into what a party could be in the very broadest sense aswell as into literature..

1. Recreation of events.

During the war, people were enduring, amidst the roar a hardened state and bloody bodily kerosene fluids, like wild-boar in heat coming on, to experience the very fabric of being. Come in. Engaging in a duration of celebration; suckling on life like piglets.

Let’s, Cerebrate good times, come on. Cerebrate good times, come..

A crystal linear powder parading neatly by the masses, with metallurgic carcasses, raiding, urging into small ironclad razor-sharp passes where grinding made the stroll significantly whinier as pools, puddles and streams formed a river to the winier’s deepest satisfaction, aiding the needs of his action. Lastly near the coveted acres, the screams became louder and louder.

Buildings in erect stance playing with bombs and each other. The build of the dance evoked ins which wrecked the mood but not too much to spoil the occasion. (Bill was hard and direct.)

At times the state went into an exhaustion pipe, the discharge making things calm for the moment the air was saturated and made kept promises until the day dance was not allowed anymore.

Longing for the bulging cock of a gun, he drew, drew, drew and drew.


The Rake
The Rake is a character used in many tales and dramas. Bereft of morality, he is usually destined to cause malice and misfortune for the people around him (who put faith in him). Historically, the Rake-character is a symbol which is meant to instill virtue, as a warning example.

This particular Rake, an aging bartender at a nightclub, had only managed to cause relative misfortune to himself. Anyone in contact with him had gone on to lead very fortunate lifes. Thus the rake in this instance was kind of jinxed with bad luck (arguably caused by himself), but at the same time a talisman of fortune for others.

Like most other Rakes, this particular Rake gained wealth trough a marriage (or was it inherited, I can’t remember?), which he then squandered on anything he could think of. Drugs, women, fancy dresses, jewellery and so on and so forth. Eventually, one of the compatriots in libertine living ended up stealing the Rakes’ wife. The former compatriot and the Rakes’ former wife ended up living happily together, aswell as becoming very wealthy.

The same procedure happened 10 times over, with the result that the Rake had an unknown quantity of children who he was kept away from, and an ever-increasing alimony to pay. Eventually the Rake went bankrupt, was an unknown to his children, despised by his former wifes and unable to pay for any of his monetary obligations.

One would think that this might be reason enough to kill oneself, but that was not at all the case with this particular Rake. Even if he missed his former life – he never regretted his actions for a second and did’nt care about his debts. He had gotten a job as a bartender, an undoubtable talent he had, where he could watch the libertines and their doings, and thus be part as a viewer and bystander of the spectacle which was the essence of his way of living.

-My name is John, and I think I’m an alcoholic.. Although.. I don’t mind being one – I work as a bartender. So, I don’t know what I’m doing here really, I just happened to stop by and have a look. (silence)

-Actually, I enjoy every aspect of drinking and every aspect of being a bartender. You know, when you see people who are ready to strip right there and then to start copulating in frenzy, it’s like you sense the very fabric of life. And alcohol does’nt really affect me much any more. I just like the way the different fluids taste and run down my throat (mumbles and muffled voices).

-Well, that’s who I am, I won’t come here anymore anyway, there’s too much regret here in my opinion. You all seem strapped for a reason to live, which is why you drink.. I’ve had my reasons to live since the day I was born. (silence)

-Okay. I’ll just leave now.


* * * * * *